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Friday, March 23, 2012

Afghan Women's Prisons: Afghan Women's Justice Project-Islamic Women's R...

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Women who are raped are accused of adultery and sentenced to prison in Afghanistan. Islamic Sharia law in this region says that only two men are needed to accuse a woman of adultery. Many of these women are raped, forced into marriages, forced to marry their rapist, disobey their husbands and leave home without permission, and if they are caught escaping from this, they are put in prison. Oftentimes their children come with them and don't get their schooling while they are raised in these prisons. The humanitarian journalist Karen Day has collaborated with Marie-Claire magazine to establish the Afghan Women's Justice project which is selling 25.00 dollar tee-shirts to raise 30,000 dollars for literacy tutoring, child education in the prisons, vocational training for the women for when they reenter society, and legal attorneys.
Afghan Women's Justice Project website (with petition, video, stats, and more info):
Article about Karen Day, her story, and the project:
Actual Article that Karen Day wrote about her investigations:
There is also a documentary that was made about Afghan Women's prisons that premiered in Boise:
Women in Afghanistan Attacked for going to school (video):

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