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Friday, March 30, 2012

feminist misogyny

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It’s Going to Be Awkward When Megan Fox’s Baby Comes Out With Megan Fox’s Old Nose

 This seems very un-feminist, to me. What a woman does with her body is HER BUSINESS. It's the old style of women attacking other women over male privilege, keeping each other in line. The bitchiness of this article is a LOT more like women who bind feet and mutilate genitals of their daughters than it does anything feminist, supportive, sisterly or affirmative of women's body autonomy. It's ugly. It's cruel. It's none of your or our business and it's a waste of everybody's time. I guess this woman is some sort of celebrity, or something, so you're hoping to get clicks off her name? By pandering to the WORST of divide-and-congquer, self-hatred tactics we women have used against each other for centuries, as we vie for male privilege? How does this progress anything?