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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

good bye, Adrienne Rich

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She's one of my most important role models and inspirations.

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Adrienne Rich reads her poem Wait

by Adrienne Rich (1929-)

In paradise every
the desert wind is rising
third thought
in hell there are no thoughts
is of earth
sand screams against your government
issued tent hell's noise
in your nostrils crawl
into your ear-shell
wrap yourself in no-thought
wait no place for the little lyric
wedding-ring glint the reason why
on earth
they never told you




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''My father was no feminist, believe me,'' said Ms. Rich. ''I see him as the embodiment of patriarchy. But he was interested in the achievements of women in the arts. He gave me books about women writers and women painters, introduced me to Mary Wollstonecraft.
''He taught me to write by giving me passages from Blake, Keats and Longfellow to copy out. It was a natural progression from their words to words of my own.'' 

 JWA (The Jewish
Women's Archive) has a detailed encyclopedia article about her: (This is a
much better resource to link to than Wikipedia.)