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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Maxine Feldman - Angry Atthis, with Introduction by Maxine

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Title: Maxine Feldman -- Angry Atthis, with introduction by Maxine

In honor of Maxine Feldman (Dec. 26, 1944 - Aug. 17, 2007), one of my heroes.

Maxine's "introduction" taken from my interview with her in April of 2002, which can be found in full, along with a lot more, at this page of my site:
Maxine was a joy to interview and was one of those people you felt like you've known for years after just a few minutes. I have tried to credit all photos when that information was known.

Maxine Feldman -- Angry Atthis

I hate not being able
To hold my lover's hand
'cept under some dimly lit table
Afraid of being who I am

I hate to tell lies,
Live in the shadow of fear
We run half of our lives
From the damn word "queer"

It's not your wife that I want,
It's not your children I'm after
It's not my choice I want to flaunt
Just want to hear my lover's laughter

Feel like we're animals in cages
And have you seen the lights in the gay bar
Not revealing wrinkles or rages
God forbid we reveal who we are

I hate not being able
To hold my lover's hand
'cept under some dimly lit table
Afraid of being who I am
No longer afraid of being who I am

This is the original version, written in 1969, released on a
45 rpm record in 1971. The backup group, "Sisterhood,"
was Robin Flower and Naomi Littlebear. Robin also played
on Maxine's LP, "Closet Sale," recorded in 1979. The new
recording of "Angry Atthis" changed the last line to a
more "out" version:

No longer afraid of being A LESBIAN

You can also find the LP version of the song on YouTube, posted by a friend on her wonderful channel "Lesbianmusic"

See my website, at for more information about the history of GLBT music.

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