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Thursday, December 01, 2011

An Honest Conversation: Young Latinos Attacked For Being Gay

oh, I've heard these stories for forty years! And they've gone on much MUCH longer than that! Oh, for some CHANGE!

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An Honest Conversation aims to start a sober and poignant discussion within the Latino community about youth LGBT issues through personal stories and accounts. Stop the hate, stop the violence.

Here is Giselle's story:

"My name is Giselle Ramirez and I am a working class-chicana, a proud queer womyn, concerned citizen of the world, and a conscientious objector to dehumanization.

Growing up Catholic, the notion of "queers go to hell" is something that I heard from the older folks. This fear of being who I am and yet going to hell for being me, gave birth to a self-destructive path that I will soon intake.

Discrimination is uncomfortable, oppression is uncomfortable, living a life that is not true to your real and authentic self is uncomfortable, so let's stand together and fight for our freedom and our right to be seen as full citizens of these United States."

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