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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Feminist strawmen in atheism

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Some MRA started whining that someone pulled the "feminist" card re: a post on a stupid woman. This was Global Secular Humanism on FaceBook

My  response:

 GSHM: To what are you referring? This statement comes out of the blue.

I'll tell you what is sexist: Intentionally finding examples of women with poor cognitive skills in an attempt tp "prove" women are stupid, using epithets like "douche, cunt, twat, bitch, whore, etc." to denounce a debate opponent, using women's bodies as epithets, using strawman arguments against feminism.

Now, I've seen ALL of that by MRAs in the atheist so-called "community." The message is loud and clear: men who do this promote a culture of misogamy; they betray their own insecurities about their "masculinity;" they're totally invested in gender binary stereotyping; they buy into the BIBLICAL and QUR'ANIC prejudices that women's bodies are dirty, evil and tempting; they silence and intimidate women and they promote the very violence, abuse and suppression of our rights to control our own bodies & lives as any xian does.

Now, if you, or any man, here as done that, it's sexism.

If any woman has, it's internalized sexism and an attempt to be accepted by the boiz by showing what a thick skin she has, how she can take it and how she is willing to betray any other woman, for the approval of men.

There's a REAL problem in the skeptical/freethinking/atheist communities, and if it is not addressed honestly and openly, these communities will be disabled by the inequality of participation. Our lives and experiences, our intellects and insights, are valuable.

As a final note: there are more than 2 genders aka "sexes." Sincerely, A Gender Queer Atheist.