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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Women Are Singing Tonight - Cris Williamson

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This is from: "Fringe". Cris Williamson singing Danny O Keefe's "The Women Are Singing Tonight".
From the jacket Cris writes:

Danny O Keefe is a master storyteller and he freely gave me this song for this project, knowing how much I care about the journey of the Nez Perce in the late 1800s. This song takes place in the Big Hole Valley, the night before Gibbon comes at dawn to forever change the lives of these people. But on this nightthe women are singing. I pulled in so many powerful women to sing on this song to try and evoke those voices from long ago.

The words:

Smoke drifts into the treetops
Returning echoing owls
Coyotes conversing coyly
In staccatos and howls

Horses nicker their murmurs
The pipe passes hand to hand
How can we be strangers here
This is our land?

At daylight we may run for our lives
Or we may stand and fight
No one owns tomorrow
The women are singing tonight

We are held within the circle
Of Mother Earths embrace
She is our destination
In this lonely race

There is a hope in deepest darkness
Alive like flickering flame
Like the power of a womens voice
When she whispers your name

While the children are softly sleeping
Shadows dance in the light
No one owns tomorrow
The women are singing tonight

Someone take these moments
String them into chains
Moving pictures that speak
From the distance like trains

Well remain behind to haunt you
You will meet us on the trails
Hold us in your minds eyes
When your vision fails

Like ghosts within the forest
Ever slightly out of sight
No one owns tomorrow
The women are singing tonight
- Danny O Keefe

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