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Sunday, November 06, 2011

40 Days for FOOTAGE, Fall 2011 finale

  • Consider this for a moment: Is the atheist "A" being used as a subliminal trigger? Are they trying to associate abortion with atheism and, therefore, with godlessness, which they define as evil, satanic, etc? Is it, perhaps, intentionally used in these anti-choice posters & propaganda? It looks intentional, to me.

  • I'm a woman who had an abortion; it was an attempt to save my life. It was agonizing and, after the non-viable fetus was surgically removed, after 3 procedures that ALL made me feel like I was murdering my only child, I became actively suicidal. NOBODY is "pro-abortion." I am pro-choice and pro-self-determination. I can't look @ their grizzly photos and had a PTSD episode @ Co. Fair, where they had a display: Screaming, crying convulsively, furious. This is no game.

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