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Friday, November 25, 2011

"Religion Poisons Everything" gets my boot

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There's a facebook group I joined recently. The admin is just spewing filth. So, before I "disliked" the group, I posted the following for him.

I think you may have a serious personality disorder. Yes, I see: alcohol. Ok, here's the deal: You don't get to use a SLUR for my genitals to "insult" god, ok? My body has been through enough abuse and you are JUST NOT THAT IMPORTANT! I realize it's "cool" these days to use words like "twat" and "cunt" to insult people you don't like: telling them they're ugly, dirty, contemptuous and stupid (because that's what you think of women's bodies, which COMES FROM THE BIBLE, GENIUS!). What that has to do with rational thinking, I don't know. But, unless and until MOST of the rapes, domestic violence, genital mutilation, social discrimination and hate speech in this world are NOT about women and our bodies, You just don't get to talk like that and get any respect. It's a cheap, dirty shot and you should be ashamed. You wouldn't use a RACIAL slur the way you're using sexist slurs! So, smart ass, you are now an androtard in my book and I don't want anything to do with your mental health issues. I discovered you through Evid3nc3, whom I greatly admire. You, on the other hand, never matured beyond 9th grade. NOTHING you have to say is worth my dignity, civil rights and personhood. And there's NO problem on Earth that can't be made worse with alcohol. What a jerk