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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

free speech won today

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U.S. Supreme Court in favor of anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church


my reply:
Absolutely. The right to freedom of speech is too difficult to get back when lost. Do I detest WBC? Of course. Do I wish they'd shut up? Of course. Do I want a law to enforce my wish? Absolutely not. Because an entire political, religious and social system wants to shut ME up, and I need the protection of the Constitution to keep them from doing it.

Can we bring down WBC? No. But the thing is, THEY are doing it to themselves! Folks who NEVER would have "sympathized" with LGBT rights in the past are seeing what WBC is doing and they're starting to hate them. Hell, even Anonymous, who are MUCH too busy with the pro-democracy movements in Northern Africa and the Middle East right now, not to mention Assange and Wikileaks, ANONYMOUS knocked ALL of WBC's domains off line! I haven't been able to access for DAYS now! And Anonymous absolutely defends freedom of speech, no censorship, etc.

Why, just tonight, I saw an article: Sarah Palin thinks the Supreme Court is WRONG for not silencing Westboro! I NEVER thought I'd be in a position to "defend" westoboro against PALIN! But that's not what I'm doing; I'm defending the Constitution against Palin and the theocrats!

Look, I'm old enough to remember the Civil Rights movements of the sixties and seventies. Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis were parading in the streets. It was HORRIBLE, the poison coming out of their mouths...JUST like Westboro.

But their hate doesn't change OUR TRUTH, and we need the Constitution of the United States to guarantee we get to SPEAK that truth!

That court decision is a victory for the citizens of the USA.

Westoboro wins NOTHING! They're just riding the backs of people who have suffered and DIED for a right that many people on the planet STILL don't have! I have Pakistani friends. Over there, the theocrats will KILL you if you "speak against Islam," the "blasphemy laws," and crowds will cheer the murderers in the streets! Sarah Palin comes from THAT sort of mentality.

Westboro is silencing itself. We don't have to do anything but ignore them, and it'll all be over.