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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Feminism is Evil

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Feminism is Evil

our tea parody, first female governor of New Mexico is hell bent to stop funding for Commission on Status of women. Why? because it makes women "look like victims." The cuts will stop domestic violence shelters, rape crisis hotlines, low income housing, food assistance and other benefits to low income woman, the majority of whom are single moms, many of whom escaped murder by husbands. They want women helpless, dependent on men. There aren't enough jobs to go around, so men first. Why? Because men are stronger and because they'll comply with bad working conditions, if their wives and kids are held as hostages, completely dependent on men's meager salaries. It's an orchestrated part of the new machinery to bulldoze the USA for total corporate control.

this article was posted by a South African man I met in an atheist group. Some discussion followed and here are my replies. You can hear, from my replies, his stereotyped thinking about feminism.
It's not an official, registered political party; it's astroturf, funded by corporate interests and GOP, to rouse the rabble, They're throwing them fundamentalist, xian bones to placate them. Feminism is the radical notion that women are people, too, with equal rights. I don't know what you've been TOLD to believe about feminism, but, in a world of ritual, female genital mutilation; child brides; sexual slavery; "honor" killings; wife beating; rape as a spoil of war and all the rest, I am a feminist.
Men have, through the brainwashing of white capitalism, been self centered and arrogant for thousands of years. It's institutionalized. There's nothing wrong with wanting a career or being a stay-at-home mom (which is the hardest job on the... planet). Feminism, too has been co-opted by white, western "middle class" values. It has lost its way and needs to be reminded that, just because a few of us have managed to gain what looks like "equality" with men, for the majority of the people on the planet, life is not fair and equal. When I see white western women embrace the struggles and real sufferings of women of color in the so-called "developing" world, I will be satisfied. Until then, I continue to work at knocking down EVERYBODY's stereotypes of everybody else. Most women on this planet have no voice, no choice even over their own bodies. As long as one white, middle class woman has privilege at the expense of a sister of color, we are not liberated as a gender. Check out an author named Alice Walker +womanist; it's a brilliant essay on this topic. And, if you have a chance, read an essay she wrote called "In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens," as well. Feminism is a hell of a lot more than credit cards, designer clothes and bullshit. In fact, real feminism isn't about those things, at all. I don't want to be a success in a world that says you have to step on the neck of someone weaker than you to get ahead in the world.
It's all about civil rights. We all have a lot to learn. In the USA, however, the power structure is actively erasing and rewriting history. I heard a local Tea Parody provocateur (and I suspect he's paid to do it) is calling not just for the abolition of community broadcasting (the primary outlet left in the USA for solid journalism and information), but for the abolition of any college or university funded with tax money. He wants teachers' unions broken and teaching privatized. He espouses the belief that people with mental illnesses are just lazy and need jobs. And this week, he said the "most disgusting form of racism" is "playing the race card," and broadly dismissed ALL members of the NAACP and a whole list of civil rights and social justice organizations as opportunists, making money by crying discrimination.

The reactionary movement in the USA would disappear slavery, genocide, the treatment of women as chattel property and the hard-fought rights to equal treatment won by people with disabilities. They would erase a thousand years' academic studies in the physical sciences and replace them with fairy tales and preposterous claims of dinosaurs living with humans. They are systematically setting reality on its head and people are believing them, because they are desperate and angry, never understanding it's the very people they are believing who are stripping them of their dignity, humanity and right to earn a living.

It is my firm belief that this stuff is not a coincidence. It is a systematic operation, carefully strategized, in the planning stages for decades, of a calibre of a military operation, sweeping through our country on a state-by-state basis, pitting women against men, people of color against whites, Queer people against heterosexuals, the poor against the wealthy. They are stripping us of every progressive right we've ever won in the USA for four hundred years. We've been a nation for only 200.

The tactic is to repeat the lies so often people begin to accept them as, if not fact, a legitimate argument. That's why I never say Tea "Party." It's not a political party. It breaks all the rules of a political party. It can receive donations anonymously, without reporting them, as political parties must. It is an astroturf campaign, funded by corporate interests who are swallowing my country whole.

Our Supreme Court recently ruled that corporations have a right to free speech, just like humans do. Now, with their immense wealth, they can buy every politician in this nation. And we can't do a thing to stop it. So, rouse the rabble to make sure things like unions, science, women's rights, Queer rights, disability rights, etc. are stripped. Erase civil rights from the history of my country. Preach religious fundamentalism in politics, media (including Fox News) and everywhere else to create a devoted following who will vote "God's" will.

Then, once they've truly gained the power, own the schools, own the politicians, own the media, own the military and police, etc., THEN shut down the rabble. Because angry people are dangerous to the goals of the corporations. BUt you see, they've already set in motion solutions for that: perpetual war for corporate profit and killing off surplus population, corporatly-run prison systems paid for by tax dollars and, for the remainder, the pharmaceutical companies have completely corrupted the medical industrial complex, so everybody can be diagnosed with some sort of "disorder" and be medicated. I give our country five more years before we're just a giant Walmart.