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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Feminist elite giving me orders?

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Gov. Martinez, astroturf, Tea Parody, Rove machine talking head, wants to pull all funding to the Commission on the Status of Women, which operates such things as domestic violence, transitional housing and other services, primarily for economically exploited women. Her excuse? Women shouldn't be treated "like victims."

Elaine Baumgartel, morning host during KUNM's broadcast of NPR news, broadcast a news report on the issue. I emailed her for more info. All she offered me was her recorded report, posted on KUNM's website. Nothing more.

However, without my permission, she told Susan Loubet I had contacted her. Loubet is associated with the Commission and is one of the 2-person cartel that holds total control over the broadcast of "Women's Focus" on KUNM. No other women are allowed to broadcast, except a tiny segment of women's news (none local) and women the 2 hosts decide are worthy of air time. They have total control over what is discussed as a "women's issue" in the state of New Mexico. They retain total control and do nothing to invite, encourage, empower other women in the state as journalists, broadcasters, editors, producers, reporters, etc.

I received my marching orders from Loubet tonight. This is the first time in history Loubet has voluntarily communicated with me. And she did it to make sure I was kept in line, told what to think and say, and told how to say it.

> From: Rogi Riverstone 
> Subject: Re: Commission on the Status of Women
> To: "Susan Loubet"
> Date: Saturday, March 26, 2011, 9:11 PM

> No, we don't. Economically exploited
> women need to be empowered, educated, organized and
> activated. Whoever this "we" is of whom you speak is
> disempowering economically exploited women, once again.
> Martinez is nothing; she's just a Barbie candidate of the
> Rove Tea Parody astroturf agitprop. Martinez means nothing
> in the long run.
> Exploited women must organize. I'm sick of affluent, white
> women bossing me around, telling me what to do and turning
> their noses up at me because I don't have their credit cards
> and alphabet soup behind my name.
> I tried to "friend" you on facebook, and you ignored me.
> So, I know, first hand, that you're part of the agenda to
> keep the power, keep the rest of us powerless and control
> the whole show. I don't trust you.
> And I did NOT give Elaine permission to tell you about my
> personal correspondence with her. She violated my trust, to
> make SURE I was given my marching orders by the white,
> liberal elite.
> You people are SO afraid of poor people. You're SO
> prejudiced and condescending toward us. You are SO invested
> in micromanaging every attempt the exploited make to get the
> hell out of this bucket YOU help keep us in!
> What needs to happen has NOTHING to do with Santa Fe right
> now; it has to do with mobilizing the very women who will be
> worst affected by this fascist double speak.
> And YOU should be a CHAMPION of such a movement: BY, FOR
> and ABOUT economically exploited women, instead of bossing
> me around like I scrub your toilets!

> From: Susan Loubet 
> Subject: Re: Commission on the Status of Women
> To: rriverstone
> Date: Saturday, March 26, 2011, 8:51 PM
> I just looked up the schedule and April 8th is the deadline
> for her to sign or veto. so we really need to get comments
> in to the Gov. not much time.
> From: Susan Loubet
> To: rriverstone
> Sent: Sat, March 26, 2011 8:46:19 PM
> Subject: Commission on the Status of Women
> Hi Rogi, Elaine said that you had inquired about the
> Commission story. I appreciate your sense of dismay-that is
> what I have also and I have been working on this issue ever
> since the interim reorganization committee's meetings this
> past summer. What we are trying to do now, is get people to
> contact the Governor and ask her to support the CSW. We are
> not suggesting that they say--don't veto it because that
> might just get her back up and we don't want people to say
> any sort of threat-like 'you will never get elected again',
> etc.-for the same reason. So just- "please support the
> commission-they deliver services around the state that can't
> be done by other agencies and they deliver services to poor
> women-or they have helped me----"--personal statements, not
> form letters. She has 18
>  or 20 days from the end of the session, so we need to get
> letters, emails, calls in now.  That is all that I know
> that can be done at this point. Another suggestion from a
> legislator is letters to the editor-I think, especially in
> the small town newspapers around the state.  So, making
> your voice heard is what we need. Thanks, Susan Loubet