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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

USA: "Greatest" Nation?

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It's not true. We were never "the greatest" country; we were the most PRIVILEGED, with the greatest natural resources (stolen) per capita. His filter is that of a middle class, cis gendered, heterosexual, able bodied white man. He even says in the past that it was "men" who did the cool stuff. Anybody remember a little thing called "slavery?" What about the genocide of Native peoples? The religious wars and witch burnings? The monopolies and industrialists? How about Viet Nam, Korea, Granada, Iraq (twice), the Civil War, the Mexican American War? Anybody remember those? What about Queers and neuro-atypicals (like Stephen Hawking, for instance) locked up in "sanitariums?" What about the Tuskegee "experiments?" What about forced sterilization of Native women? What about blankets infested with small pox? What about the concentration camps for Japanese Americans? What about women, held as chattel property with no rights to their own: money, children, bodies, destinies, names, careers, educations? This is revisionist history. It's not true. We were NEVER the "greatest" nation, unless it's in terms of "might makes right," which is immoral, "Manifest Destiny," Christian hogwash. This speech is a tear jerking lie.