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Thursday, June 14, 2012

"Precious Feet:" another way to traumatize mothers of the dead.

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 WARNING: this may be very triggering. I found a video, describing the origin of "Precious Feet." 

I think the man is lying. He claims to have acquired a "bucket of unborn bodies" from an abortion doctor and photographed them. I don't believe him. The fetuses pictured are NOT real; formaldehyde creates wrinkling & bleaching of skin; these are plump, round and tan. I think they are plastic. Also: note the manicure/hands of the "Precious Feet" photo. Now, look at the guy who's talking. Does he look like a professional hand model? Also: in that photo, where is the rest of the body? Finally, "Precious Feet" is an anti-choice campaign.

Photos of actual embryonic & fetal development. Trigger Warning if you visit website here:

These are screen captures from the video. The "bodies" should be flaccid, if preserved in formaldehyde. Why do they retain the more familiar shapes of being contained in the embryonic sac?
From the video. Note poorly-molded, plastic ear.

Close up. Note plastic mold burr between legs

 This one appears to have had "veins" painted on the head, then covered in varnish, to make it appear translucent. Varnish seems to have filled "ear."
Note arm, fused to body: poor plastic mold.

Note poorly-molded ears, eyes. Note nicks in plastic.

It's not difficult to find images of fetuses in formaldehyde. I won't post them here. I will link to ONE, so you can see skin texture, bleaching.

Plastic models of fetus, embryo development, taken from this website:


Precious Feet from West Linn on Vimeo.