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Thursday, June 14, 2012

LACI, derpy video + survey


Don't take the survey! It's a known "phishing" site!

I am, of course, going to advise all GenderQueers to check out this little survey of hers. NO I WON'T! NOT NOW! DARN IT! We need a place in the conversation. And maybe my pal, Andy Semler of GenderQueer Atheists on FaceBook, will finally get an answer to the question, Why does Laci ID as "GenderQueer?" I think the discussion spanned speculations on answers such as "cuz all kewl kidz r doing it" and... well, that was pretty much the speculation, actually. The greater speculation was: would this mean she's co-opting the term, since she uses female pronouns & presents as cis-gendered female? Conversations varied from, how dare she? to: well, if EVERYBODY started to ID as GenderQueer, it would increase visibility and certainly decrease stigma! and of course, some folk just scratched heads.

So, Laci, why DO you ID as GenderQueer? No judgments here; just wanna know.

Laci's propaganda, below:

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