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Monday, June 25, 2012

Science created women?

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 I objected in comments to this post. Read the skepticism and critical thinking in the poster's comments to me. cripes.
me: . . . because I think it's MUCH more important that science "created" THIS woman.

me: ps: i hid the post b/c it's disrespectful of people who are not cis-gendered, heterosexual men, and to them, too.

me: Adendum: You have addressed me as "sir." Given the fact I have used the term, "cis-gendered," one might expect I do not hold to the binary. Therefore, proper protocol is to ASK a person's preferred pronouns and titles, rather than presume them. I can only deduce from this that you have no idea what "cis-gendered" means, nor what it implies about my position on binary, that you don't care, that you didn't bother to look it up and that you are so cis-sexist, you have no idea how homophobic, cis-sexist and Trans*phobic you have shown yourself to be. It's not my job to educate you; you have a search engine. Use it.

I'm using critical thinking and skepticism. We're supposed to do that. If I don't understand something, I look it up. That's what free thinkers, students and skeptics do. We don't swallow the Kool Aid. I have every right to be anywhere on the planet. Your cis-sexism is now telling me I don't have civil rights? That's reactionary. Just like a fundamentalist. It's cognative dissonance. I have every right to question people who claim to promote science, then behave like fundamentalists. This isn't a troll war. it's a discussion. Surely, you're capable of discussion, right? Surely, you have enough curiosity, skepticism and free thinking to LEARN? Right? Why are you taking this so personally? Because I dare challenge the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz? And you can't see the totalitarianism, close mindedness and reactionary nature of your own behavior?


Unbelievable. I was verbally abused and told I should leave.

This is exactly like racism: is it the job of people of Color to educate non-Color people about their privilege, their racism, their history? People of Color get placed in that position, all the time, for survival, even and especially when they have less resources, less time, more critical issues: educate the white guy, so he won't hurt us. This is the same thing. EDUCATE YOURSELF and get your boot off the necks of decent folk who are struggling just to have a place at the table.