Stupid Girls

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Women doing "Satan's" work

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Evil is coming in through thewoman,” says Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, of Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND). He cites the use of birth control and having “sex without shame” as his evidence. Seemingly unaware that his own attitudes might be influencing his experience of women, he elaborated that they have “no patience and no love.”

Sean Hannity, host of “Fox andFriends,” made Peterson a frequent guest on his show. Skeptics like speculate this was because it would be more palatable to have an African American inject racist comments into media. Hannity had financial interests in Peterson's BOND organization, finally distancing himself from him in 2009 over Peterson's declaration, “I Think We All Agree That Barack Obama Was Elected Mostly By Black Racists And White Guilty People.”

Peterson's new obsession is that, because women vote, America is over, “Satan is having his way.”