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Thursday, May 24, 2012

"secular humanist" Trans*phobia

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so, does this mean Global Secular Humanist Movement thinks Trans*phobia is an effective method of discrediting an ideological opponent? Is there some secret homophobia going on here? Because you're not insulting this guy. You're not discrediting his policies. What you're doing is saying it's not ok for humans to step out of rigidly defined, binary gender roles. And, if you, the opponent, do not behave the way I think you should, I'll accuse you of being feminine. And by that, I will mean "weak, soft, silly, easy to dismiss, foolish, immature, unmanly." So, what you're really saying is that anyone who presents as feminine must be an untrustworthy monster, a loser and an enemy. So, the next time a Trans* woman gets beaten to death by insecure ass hats, just because she's walking home, you won't feel a bit responsible for reinforcing stereotypes that lead to her death, right? And forty percent of murders in the LGBT community are of Trans* women, even though they only constitute one percent of the LGBT community. But you're so educated on LGBT issues, on gender issues, on sexual orientation that you already knew that, right? So you'll say something self defensive, like I'm a party pooper or a rad fem or a "crazy" for bringing up the fact that this picture is COMPLETELY inappropriate for a GLOBAL and SECULAR (because we ALL KNOW religions don't contribute to sexism, heterosexism, homophobia or Trans*phobia) HUMANIST (because feminine presentation, Trans* people, GenderQueer people and Queer people are NOT HUMAN and NOT globally endangered) movement or facebook post or anything else that has to do with critical thinking, rationality and the other stuff you spout AT YOUR CONVENIENCE, when it suits you, whether or not it KILLS US! What a SHITTY THING TO DO!