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Thursday, May 17, 2012

sneering at sex work

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 Notice how it's always white, upper middle class, educated, cis-gendered and, too frequently, heterosexual women who look down their noses at sex workers, like we aren't sisters, like we aren't making choices in our lives that empower us, while they hog all their privileges to themselves and encourage governments like India to STOP allowing us the means by which we can make our jobs safer, such as condom distribution? Wow, arrogant much? I'd rather be a sex worker, where I can make my own hours, control my working conditions and have a high enough standard of living, thanks. You can take your sweat shop jobs and sewing machines and shove them up your brittle, narrow-minded, globalization apologist neo-theories, babies. We are liberating ourselves so, lead, follow or, better yet, get the hell out of the way.