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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

speaking of feminity and fuckability . . .

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A provocative read. A lot of it is spot-on, though there are parts I'm less sure about.
The Unfuckables By Anna Breslaw image by imp kerr “Ooh, the bitch,” Jenny said. “Just let me get my hands on her. That’s real immoral, is that … They get us girls a bad name, they do, bitches like that. Ooh, that bloody bitch, I can’t get her out of my head.” Graham smiled...

This is just my thoughts on the article, linked above, compared to the article, linked below. 

This is too dependent on using celebrities as metaphors, so I can't track it. I finally gave up. It's so Hollywood. I don't know most of the people it's talking about. They have no impact or direct influence on my life that I know about.They sound a bit silly and impressed with themselves. Fact is, women attack other women the same way members of marginalized groups attack each other: to fend off the self hatred of internalized messages of unworthiness, to vie for approval from the dominant pardigm, to compete for Master's hand-me-downs and scraps and because horizontal hostility seems safer than going after the seats of real power. Are these all white, cis-gender females of privilege? I wish this article didn't depend so heavily on celebrity icons of a toxic culture I avoid worse than dog poop on a lawn; I'd understand it better. I finally gave up reading; I couldn't track it with all the references to people I don't even care about, anyway. After Simone and Germaine, I was clueless. Now, if you want to read a truly juicy article about feminine/masculine, powerful/lessness, self actualization and authenticity, here's one I read this morning that actually made me jump up and down, it so excited me: