Stupid Girls

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Response from Potholer54 and Amenakin

As an atheist & woman, I am appalled, knowing u received abuse. I came 2 yer channel & found an independent business woman. I know this is not easy, especially in SOME religions. I cannot apologize 4 the behavior of my fellows; that's their responsibility. I will only give my heart-felt respect 2 u 4 yer efforts. I do not agree with u on lots of things, including the DMC against Potholer54. But that is no reason 4 the toxic language used toward u. Best wishes. Brilliant video.

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This joint video from myself and Amenakin covers the DMCA on my videos 'Salute to Creationist Women' and 'Stop Whining,' and the hate-mail that was a response to the former.

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