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Monday, September 26, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: The GOP Vagina Rules (A DC Douglas Tweak)

Uploaded by on Sep 25, 2011

Voice over by DC Douglas


I awoke with a creative itch to tweak some GOP nipples today.

The last few debates for the GOP have produced some memorable moments and helped define the Republican base "personality." It seems pretty clear to most which way their hot air blows. But some independent voters might be a tad confused. Not to worry. I have created a video to help them listen "correctly" to their message.

If you know a voter who is also confused about the nominees and their intentions, please share this video with them. It's illuminating, informative and, dare I say, titillating?

Yes, kids, mama needs your help in getting this quick video "bon bon" out into the cyberverse. Tweet, fark, stumble, digg, buzz, post, email and blog it, baby! (And, yes, I am working on the talking doll version...)

Written, produced, edited by Lance Kibbe' Baxter

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