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Thursday, September 15, 2011

MIRROR Salute to creationist women - from potholer54

I hadn't seen it 'til now. I have to tell him. I'm crying, I'm so sad. I would probably have been a scientist, if sexism of '50s elementary school, brain injuries and gender-encouraged math phobia hadn't gotten me. Nothing makes my heart swell more than to see a woman who is working in science, where I cannot go. So, I guess I'm a "groupie" of women in science. It takes real courage and determination to succeed in such a "nontraditional" field. This video really scared me. best wishes.

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The person who attacked potholer54 :

Original Desciption :
Here is the next nominee for this year's coveted Golden Crocoduck. Sorry, but the science that's explained in this video is so simple I can't even source it.

If women find this video embarrassing, don't worry, you're still vastly outnumbered by men when it comes to spouting unscientific bullshit in the public arena.

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