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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Black Woman Walking - By Tracey Rose (Still Think This Is A Joke?)

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*****04-14-09 ***** Still Think This Is A Joke???
This is a documentary called "Black Women Walking" by Tracey Rose (I believe she also has a myspace page by the same name)

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Are Black Teenage Girls Left To Defend Against Predators On Their Own?

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"Black Women Deserve Better"

***Don't Allow Anyone To Talk You Out Of Your Right To Freedom Of Movement! This has NOTHING to do with men who approach women like men...Two different subjects...As Tracey Rose quite accurately describes in the beginning...****

Many Black women (including myself) have faced the daily anxiety of walking past enclaves of damaged men getting harassed... Know that you're not alone... Do not let dissenters minimize the situation or say that Black women are blowing things out of proportion... Be on the lookout for predator protectionism... Do not fall for the video vixen/promiscuous woman red-herring argument as a subtle way to excuse this behavior, keeping the status-quot... I have heard so many of these nonsense prevailing attitudes i.e., "Why can't Black women at least say HI when being approached?" I don't care if the woman is the most stuck-up creature on the face of the earth...She is NOT OBLIGATED TO SPEAK TO YOU...Ladies, you DO NOT have any obligation to talk to a stranger...Remember A STRANGER!!! Everyone should know that harassment is a crime and NO ONE has to tolerate it... Young Black girls coming up DO NOT have to live this way! What can you do? Stop excusing, ignoring and enabling these predators. Keep in contact with the police and other officials...Give the police whereabouts, timeframes and content of these occurrences...They will usually do extra patrols...Eventually these types will be ran off by law enforcement....You are NOT a "snitch" for reporting and discouraging crime...You are NOT a "troublemaker" for wanting a safe environment for yourself, the elderly, children and everyone else in the neighborhood...And most of all, you are NOT hating anyone for pointing out and discussing a problem within certain communities...If enough of us display the extra effort, then something will get done...Be vigilant and there is power in numbers...

1905 NYT Article About A "Masher"

Sites For Black Women Who Are Interested In Expanding Their Options (UPDATED If this is not you
then don't write me saying you're not interested...Just don't click):

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