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Monday, August 09, 2010

MOVIE: "Red without Blue"

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Here, again, is that necessary narcissism that makes identifying with the subjects so complicated: are they privileged people, self obsessed, whining or are they truly persecuted, disrespected, misunderstood and damaged? The answer is probably yes. Just coming out in a cowboy state has got to be torture. Yet, it has got to be easier than being a low income person of color in an inner city hate fest, right? Who knows? They feel what they feel. I do not live in their skins. I know the film makers were committed to telling the story of the twins. But I would have shifted perspectives the minute I found out about Mom and her Boston marriage to her best friend. I think the entire story might have been more compelling, had we watched the twins through the eyes of their mother and heard her evolution from presuming her kids were no trouble to ignoring them unless they had a crisis or needed a ride to total shock feeling she failed them to denial about their life choices to resolution, absolution, acceptance and healing. THAT would have made the film MUCH more compelling! I loved the music. I did not mind the edits with home movies, but there was too much repetition of images. I loved the trans skeet shooting, complete with cussing; you can take the boy out of Montana, but you cannot take Montana out of the girl! I would like to know what happened with David in Paris. Dad was too distant, but that may be the actual role he plays in the family: passive provider who avoids arguments and just pays the bills? If Clair is a psych major, why are people wanting her to be a fashion consultant or airline steward? Why must every conversation about MtF trans people involve such rigid gender roles? Sigh. Yes, they brood too much; they are young people. Angst is second nature, especially in this modern age of SO many options: it can be paralyzing in its complications.