Stupid Girls

Sunday, August 01, 2010

MOVIE: "Ladies in Lavendar"

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Sometimes, if youre very lucky, something shows up in your necessarily restricted life. It is stranded and weak, but you know, without any doubt, that this is extraordinary. You know it without language or history or experience. And you find yourself loving this: quietly, personally, intimately. When it has recovered its strength and shows its true talents, the world comes clamoring and pushes you aside. You watch, fearfully, as it gets pulled farther and farther from you. Now, you are, again, alone and think yourself even worse off than before, because this beauty you loved has been taken from you and the loss is an aching grief. Now, just as you have found true love, it has gone. If you sit very still with yourself and if you truly love this beauty, you will work past your personal loss and realize how magnificent it is that this love you gave has helped the beauty blossom. Its as fulfilling as romance, marriage, parenthood and career -- none of which youve ever experienced. And it is the best gift you have for the world. That is enough.