Stupid Girls

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Casa Feminista

Hi, yall. How's it going.

Linda Lopez McAllister forwarded your website to her friends, so I checked it out.

I have these questions:

My partner was born intersexed. Later, she had reassignment surgery. I know some women's spaces have issues with "transsexuals," so I need to know if we're welcome.

Second, we drive a big moving van truck: 10 ft. tall by about 20 ft. long. Is there space to park that?

Third, if I bring my 2, pet goats & my blind dog, may they sleep on the property? In my truck, if need be. The goats are really pets, but not house trained. They can also sleep in pet crates. They're not obnoxious, 'though they do chew, so I keep an eye on em.

Fourth, my birthday's coming up, end of August. Could we have one of the less expensive rooms at that time for, maybe, two days? Also, can I do any work to pay off part of the rent?

Last, I have a BUNCH of old, '70s feminist literature that needs a good home. Do you want anything for your library? I was an editor on the Lesbian Tide, back in the day.

Well, THAT should keep yall busy for a while!

Rogi Riverstone