Stupid Girls

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Casa Separatista

You are reading a very ignorant reply to my inquiries about Casa Feminista, post below.

Here's my reply:

So, without bothering to educate yourselves on what "intersexed" means, you've decided to participate in the paradigm of conformative genital tyranny. First, a person wasn't welcomed in society if s/he didn't have a normative penis. I thought this was the original impetus for feminism.

Now, the so-called, "feminists" are aping the male-domination standards: unless we approve of the genitals with which you were born, you're not welcomed.

Well, I won't stay where I'm not welcomed. My partner's challenges, courage and personal integrity are far more important to my ethics than some arbitrary standards, imposed by self-admittedly prejudiced and ignorant people who can't appreciate a woman's right to be who she really is. She can't help her intersexed genitalia any more than she can help her skin color, webbed toes or brilliant mind; she was born with them.

Her gender trauma is reviled in the so-called, "straight" community, and it's rejected by the so-called, "Queers." I thought the term, "Queers," had been adopted just for that reason: that there are more categories of non-normative sexuality and gender than the so-called, "straights" allow, and that they hate and revile ALL of us. I doubt they'll make the distinction, when they come with the torches, of Lesbian separatist or intersexed female; they'll come after ALL of us.

Didn't Sonia Johnson experience enough of that with the LDS church? Well, SHE was excommunicated. It hurt; it separated her from family and culture. I resent being "excommunicated" from mine.

I suggest you change your facility's name to, "Casa Separatista." Feminism is about choosing ones own life, independent of the tyranny of normative genitalia. It's not about exclusion.

The fact that you mentioned this LAST in your email, beneath goats, trucks, etc., tells me how timid we are, as Queers, to really stand for the rights of those we've barely met. We have met the enemy; he is us.