Stupid Girls

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"No dogs, Mexicans, Indians or niggers allowed"

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Linda actually felt she had to APOLOGIZE for sending me the link to Casa Fascistas! Gawd! She never thinks of my g/f as anything BUT female; it never occurred to her they'd be such pigs.

I wrote this back to her:

If we were an interracial couple and they refused us accomodations, I could sue their asses off and OWN that damned place! But they're taking advantage of the dominant culture's REFUSAL to acknowledge the existance -- let alone the civil rights -- of gender Queers. They don't HAVE to accomodate us, because Civil Rights legislation doesn't cover trannsexuals, intersexed, transvestites, etc. Fits right in to their convenient "old girls' club" mentality and they're exploiting the HELL out of both that loophole AND the law!

So much for heros, huh?