Stupid Girls

Monday, June 04, 2007

How's this for irony?

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Gentle People of the New Mexico Holocaust Museum,
I have no idea how, but I've ended up on your postal mailing list.
I wouldn't mind, normally.
But you insist on sending me postcards with the word, "homosexual," boldly printed on them.
This means that anyone who views my mail or, perhaps, my trash, will assume I'm homosexual.
Given the fact that I'm a pan-sexual woman in relationship with a male-to-female transsexual, this puts my household at serious risk.
My partner is closeted, at her job, for fear of repercussions.
As for myself, I've been: disinherited, beaten, made homeless, fired, ostracized and persecuted enough for my ability to love.
It's not up to you to "out" me, or my partner.
Therefore, I must insist on the following: either refrain from using words like "homosexual" on your postcards, send such sensitive information in a sealed letter (I think it's worth the extra postage to keep people you don't know safe) or remove me from your mailing list.
MOST Sincerely,
Rogi Riverstone