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Friday, January 28, 2011

The Divine Feminine

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A response to Stephanie, if you can see the following link!/album.php?aid=154809&id=609338161
Well, lady, if you wanna waft around in see-through Madras hippy shirts because you're scared that developing muscles might cause some redneck Jethro to call you a bull dyke, that's your insecurity, not mine. When they do it to me, I just smile and say, "Thanks for noticing!" and flip 'em off.

There's no one right or wrong way to be a woman, any more than there is to be a Gender Queer or a man. I don't have to contemplate my belly button to get in touch with my feminine side; it's right below my belly button, at a convenient arm's length.

Women become "successes" in "a man's world" by aping all those endearing qualities of patriarchy: ruthlessness, callousness, aggression, competition, back stabbing, throat slitting.... Maybe they wear blazers to hide the scars? I don't fault Hillary for killing herself to be a person of influence in the modern world. And I don't think she has sold her gender out. In fact, she speaks of women's issues nearly constantly, even in countries MUCH worse than this one, and THIS one is BAD!

One of my old runnin' buddies, and a current Facebook friend!/zbudapest , is the very first Feminist witch High Priestess. She taught me (who came from a very fundamentalist xian background) that the female is sacred, powerful, strong, healing, redemptive, life giving and utterly essential in this perverted, patriarchal society. I was a young, teen runaway, on the streets of Los Angeles, a pretty blond girl. I should not have survived. She's one of the reasons I did. And I love her.

Do I practice witchcraft? Nope. Do I pray to Goddesses for intervention or the bestowing of favors or blessings? Nope. Do I believe switching out genders on an outmoded cultural construct is all religion needed to make it viable? Nope.

I'm still agnostic. I still love science over superstition and I still get weirded out when people try to force me to pray or participate in rituals that have no significance to me.

So, young Earth mother of the newest, more techy and far more polluted generation than mine ever was when gas was twenty-nine cents a gallon and I could live on the beach in L.A. County for less than a hundred bucks a month, You have just rediscovered the wheel. Congratulations.

As you pat yourself on the back for discovering feminist theory and the role of women in comparative religious studies, take a breath and remember your foremothers. We blazed this trail for you in the U.S., starting with Dollie Madison, admonishing her husband "don't forget the ladies" while writing the Constitution to Elizabeth Cady Stanton and her Women's Bible to cranky Mary Daly and her Wickedary glossary of women's wisdom through the etymology of words.

Come back when you've grown some hair on your lip, and we'll talk then. Ok?