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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dine people struggle with phobias

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The campaign for President and Vice President of Navajo Nation was sprinkled with insinuations about whether one candidate was "Gay." It was silly and ugly. Now, photos of Navajo transvestites or transexuals in femaile clothing are being circulated on Facebook, as though that would be the worst thing in the world. These photos are being "tagged" with the name of President Ben Shelly and appear in an album on a brand new facebook page by someone whose only linked interest was Shelly's opponent, who has publicly made some pretty ignorant remarks about LGBTQ issues.

Here is my response to the photo tagging:

 I see no link to an actual NT article, so don't know if this is an accurate quote from it. I do know Alkenaz Bahe has "tagged" Shelly in a photograph that seems disrespectful. I saw it on my wall!/album.php?fbid=121702131235683&id=100001876914602&aid=21837 and I see the only "interest" linked in the profile of Alkenaz Bahe is Lynda Lovejoy.

I know Ms. Lovejoy has very limited understanding of LGBTQ issues and has embarrassed herself by saying Vice President Jim has "gender issues," which she later confused with "Gay," and that even making a public statement like that is considered, by Navajo etiquette, to be inappropriate. I also believe Ms. Lovejoy thinks LGBTQ people are bad or wrong, and that it is good to spread rumors about them, that they deserve whatever torments might come their way for even being rumored to be LGBTQ.

I know Mr. Jim is a single father and Vice President of his Nation, and sincerely doubt he has a lot of free time or energy to waste on any sort of romantic adventures. I also do not think he is stupid enough to be found out, if he were.

I think it took courage for Mr. Shelly and Mr. Jim to stand in front of a rainbow flag and have their photograph recorded and that photograph brought tears to my eyes because, just maybe, it might mean the beginning of the end of foolish stereotypes and prejudices against people whom the Dine once held in respect and acceptance, before the corrupting influences of non-Navajo "missionaries," who have had a several-centuries-old reputation of NOT taking Dine culture, traditions, lands and people seriously or showing any respect for ancient ways.

Finally, I have to question whom all this benefits and, again, signs point back to a possible Lovejoy smear campaign. She has shown herself to be a "sore loser" and has not gracefully, and with humility, accepted the election of the new leaders and committed herself to the best interests of Navajo Nation. If she is not responsible for the current distribution of these photographs in some misguided attempt to discredit people based on clothing, one of her misguided supporters is, and she needs to publicly denounce such unbecoming behavior.

As a non-Navajo, who has watched this past election and installation of the new governing body carefully, I have to say this: this distribution of photographs, insinuations that people who might be LGBTQ are bad or corrupt or evil or ugly, the very nasty comments to President Shelly's Facebook page at the time of the Inauguration would not leave a positive impression on most people I know who are not Dine. They make the Nation seem, undeservedly, petty, small minded, prone to rumor and gossip, prejudiced, backward and ignorant. I know, for an absolute fact, that NONE of those impressions is, truly, valid or representative of Navajo Nation. Others might not think things through so much or give benefit of the doubt, but make jokes, point fingers and ridicule.

Bottom line: This sort of behavior is undignified, in opposition to basic Dine values, embarrassing and destructive to the entire Nation, not just to a few individuals in public office.

It's very middle school, bullying behavior and it does not belong in public discourse about the workings of Navajo Nation government! If this is the BEST one can do to feebly attempt to discredit Navajo leaders, it shows how very weak and small those discreditors are and that the Nation is probably best served that Shelly's and Jim's opponents did NOT win the election!

There is so much beauty, dignity, grace, joy and honor in the Navajo Nation. I am embarrassed to see it smeared with such foolish, petty hate.