Stupid Girls

Thursday, March 08, 2007

"Dr." Denese infomercial on PBS

You are reading's wrong to use taxpayers' money to fund an infomercial. Period.

PBS is supposed to inform. I watched, in horror, as this "Dr." spoke of "using science," yet never educated the public in the specific, scientific basis for her arguments. Instead, she referred to applications with so-called, "power" ingredients, never stating what those were or in what proportions they would be used.
I saw her pander to the most base self-hatred and body image dysmorphia among women in this culture.
I also saw that NOBODY on this so-called "special" was a woman of color. And of course, there were no men!
This program was geared to upper middle class white women of privilege who waste tons of money, time and attention on an irrelevent issue.

It certainly wasn't in the best interests of women. And PBS has a dirth of programming on women's issues.
And her "science" is flawed. At no point did she ever address issues of diet and hydration. Drinking water was never even mentioned!

She hawks her junk on QVC and the shopping network. She should stay there and let programming be better developed for serious women's issues, science and health programming.

How can I ever trust PBS again?