Stupid Girls

Thursday, March 08, 2007

To the "gay guys" at Sunsilk

Have you EVER seen a healthy woman with a shape like this?????

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This campaign is racist. Most women of color are not blondes.

The caustic comments between women, based on hair color, pander to the ridiculous notion that women should compete, attack each other and hate each other, for the approval of men, based on their marketability as sex objects.

The nasty comments regarding such things as intelligence, facial hair, etc. are designed to feed in to women's worst insecurities about body dysmorphia. Women have facial hair; that's natural. To make it the butt of "jokes" is cruel and adds to the abuse any woman can get, any time, on any street in this nation.

It's teaching young girls, in particular, to hate themselves and to believe that only by buying unnecessary products will they achieve self esteem through public acceptance.

To have a so-called "gay" man scream shrill insults at strangers on the street is a homophobic stereotype. I hate it.

I just discovered that both "Sunsilk" and "Dove" are owned by Unilever. So the "Dove Real Beauty" campaign is a sham, fueled by the woman-hating campaigns of Sunsilk.

I hate your advertising promotions so much that I had to do a Google search, just to find out the name of this product, Sunsilk.

The second the ads come on, I change channels on my TV. I don't want to be subjected to homophobic stereotypes and mysogynistic comments in my own home.

As a result, I am now doing research into all Unilever products, so I'll be sure never to buy them.

Has any of you ever been physically assaulted by a gang of teenage boys on the back of a public bus because you don't match the advertisers' concept of what is acceptable, physical appearance? I have. Your campaigns encourage superficial prejudices, based on physical appearance.

You will NOT profit from me!