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Friday, October 08, 2004

military abortions

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I thought your readers might be interested in this outrageous injustice
to our women in the military, particularly those serving in Iraq and

Might you consider posting something about International Planned
Parenthood Federation's petition to Congress about this topic on your
discussion Blog?

The petition is online at:
here [personal note: I never sign online petitions; it's too easy for spammers to harvest email addresses that way].

Please let me know if you'd like to know more (more information is also
available at:


Stop Mistreating Women in the Military!

Did you know that the military won't cover the cost of abortion, even if
the servicewoman has been raped? But the military does cover the cost of
cosmetic surgery, including breast implants, nose jobs, and liposuction!

A ban on military abortions forces soldiers who become pregnant while
serving overseas to seek abortions at private clinics and to pay for the
procedure themselves, making it difficult and costly to end a pregnancy.

Worse yet, the ban leaves women serving in countries where abortion is
illegal - like Iraq and Afghanistan - nowhere to turn, effectively
depriving them of freedom of choice.