Stupid Girls

Monday, September 27, 2004

that gal o mine

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We had a nearly-illegal amount of fun together this weekend. We didn't do a damn thing special.

We cruised around, looking for yard sales. We cleaned out her car trunk. We saw two, dollar movies: Cat Woman and The Terminal. We shopped a dollar store. We went to her job and worked on one of her projects.

I guess the reason it was so much fun was because we really enjoy each other.
Oh, we bicker and whine. We --literally-- poke each other in the eye and step on each other's feet. We get paranoid about each other's motives and meanings.

Each of us has had her heart, mind, spirit and body broken by stupid, cruel, selfish, cold-blooded people. We have every reason in the world to be suspicious and distrustful.

But we come to our senses reasonably quickly. We talk until we understand each other, no matter how angry or hurt we might be.

She's my best friend. In fact, she's the best friend I've had in many years.

And I'm still crazy in love with her. A gesture, a look in her eye, that lower lip pout, a phrase... it doesn't take much for me to be all gushy.

I'm so the luckiest girl in the world.

There's so much I can't write in these dang blogs yet.

But you'll have to just take my word for it: she's a miracle.

And funny as hell.

When we first moved in, my old cat, Mugwart, peed in her closet a few times. He's old, sick and not-quite-right in the head. And he's stubborn. He likes to pee in the shower. Her closet is right outside the bathroom door; guess he thought it was a shower.

Well, one night, she was hanging her bag in her closet. She said, "It's been two days since anybody peed in the closet."

Just then, her bag fell off the hanger and startled her. It holds her pager, cell phone and other stuff she needs for her job. So, it startled her and it made her laugh.

So hard, she peed on the floor!

I was standing right there and just fell out, laughing... which made her laugh more...which made her pee more...

oh, lordy!

Every now and again, when I want to tease her, I just quietly say, "It's been two days since anybody peed in my closet." And we bust up laughing.