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Saturday, September 18, 2004

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Consulate General of Israel
To the Southwest
Israeli GLBT Activist Noa Sattath to Visit Albuquerque
September 20, 2004

Ms. Noa Sattath is chairperson of the Jerusalem Open House, a GLBT group in
Jerusalem, Israel. She has been a board member of the JOH since 2001. � She
is a founder and leader of the women's group in the Open House and
participated in the organizing committee of the first two pride parades in Jerusalem.�

Noa is the head of the WorldPride committee and a member of the programming
and fund raising committees in the Open House. As a board member she is
responsible for activities and volunteers for the JOH and initiated several
out-reach programs.

Noa will be discussing the following topics:
* ����GLBT life in Israel �
* ����Judaism and Homosexuality
* ����Israeli and Palestinian GLBT life in Jerusalem
* ����2005 World Pride Parade in Jerusalem