Stupid Girls

Monday, August 16, 2004

she means it

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I've never been so well loved in my life. And she's so careful to pay attention to details: woman after my own heart. She's even researching Domestic Partnership benefits at her job.

So, most of my kitchen is moved into our new house. Gas and electric come on tomorrow and Weds., so I can clean stuff before I put it all away. Man, that kitchen's big! I have room in there for my sewing stuff, too. sigh.

I'm pretty damned tired, just from two car loads. But I sure want to get the hell out of this dump. There are people living in a truck out front, using someone's facilities in this building and drinking Raoul's beer. I'm nervous about parking her car out there.

Rent's paid, deposit's paid on the new place. It's really, finally and truly ours.

I'm working as hard and fast as I can. She's worrying herself to death with details, contingencies and crisis scenarios. Gave herself a headache yesterday.

I explained that, while I've lived on the edge most of my life, I'm just as careful and just as thorough as she is. My style's just different. She got it and that calmed her down a bit. Bless her heart.

She had her live all arranged: everything in its place, no surprises, completely invisile.

Then along comes Rogi, the three ring circus.

Actually, she said I'm like a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. I love that metaphor: best description of me I've ever heard.

She'll see. I make a good home for those I love. She'll be comfortable, safe, at peace. Pretty soon, she'll be wondering how she ever got along without me.

I am.

Now, I'm going back in my bedroom to, hopefully, examine the insides of my eyelids until she gets here from work.

I fried tons of steak, chicken and Polish sausages in an Indian kabab sauce. That way, I shouldn't have to cook all week. Here, at least. We could use some salads, though...

Her pouty lip juts out like a bing cherry and it's all I can do to keep from kissing her.

I've GOT to get these damned teeth fixed!