Stupid Girls

Thursday, August 05, 2004

my girl

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Oh, I know: everybody who has recently fallen in love thinks the object of their affections is the bee's knees.

But let me tell you about my girl.

When my girl realized she'd need a prescription medication that would be hard for her to procure, she went to college and studied pharacology, so she could make it herself, if she had to.

When my girl required some medical equipment after a procedure, she sent a big chunk of change to an outfit that took the money and ran. So, she researched the equipment, learned all the steps to building the contraption, ordered parts online and built one for herself. Now, she's upgrading her prototype. And, once she's happy with how it works, she's posting design plans online, to sell to other women who can't afford the commercial one. She can't sell the devices, because they're patented, but she's sure as hell not going to sit back and let other women who need the equipment get ripped off like she did.

My girl rebuilt a recreational trailer to live in, redesigning the electrical, plumbing and heating systems to fit her needs, so she could lie in bed in the morning and activate the water heater and other devices without getting up.

My girl rode a bicycle in to work every morning, and back home at night, ten miles each way, for months.

My girl can manage all aspects of her job from a fanny pack the size of a small meatloaf.

My girl knows every aspect of communications equipment, and can comfortably operate any studio you throw her into.

My girl is an actress. She can sound like anybody and, pretty much, any thing.

My girl is so gentle, even my most traumatized and suspicious cat comes to her to get his head knuckle rubbed.

My girl understands Steven Hawking and can carry on a conversation about the Heisenberg Principle.

My girl likes to wear pink.

My girl looks quite sultry in black satin.

My girl purrs arousingly at good food, affection, flowers and smart ideas.

My girl has the smartest touch of any lover I've ever known, but has never loved a woman before me.

My girl nurses wounded, frightened people through whatever obstacles are interfering with their plans, and does it with genuine respect and compassion.

My girl pays attention to details others don't even see.

My girl is the smartest person in the room, including me (for once, and what a relief THAT is!), but has the courtesy and self-preservation to be one of the gang.

My girl is a shape shifter. Her voice, face, mannerisms and dialect can change instantly, in the middle of a sentence, to accomodate her mood and her message.

My girl always knows where everything is and what comes next.

My girl is the clumsiest girly-girl I've ever met.

My girl is grace personified when she's emmersed in a project.

My girl doesn't kiss ass, but manouvers the pitfalls of politics and diplomacy like a veteran.

My girl is genuinely curious about everything.

My girl can instantly quiet my jangled and abrasive public persona, just by walking into a room, and I become what I truly am, without defenses and masks.

My girl actually wants to know what I want and need, which unnerves me, because I'm not accustomed to such attention.

My girl doesn't need to be told twice what's real; she immediately incorporates it into her reality.

My girl is the most logical person I've ever met, while being deeply sentimental, in the truest sense of the word.

I'm completely convinced my girl can do anything she sets her mind to, and do it at least as well as any "authority" or "professional" out there.

My girl has a young spirit and an ancient soul.

My girl is literally magic: sacred and rare; she should be treated with respect and high social standing, if we lived in a culture that still respected unicorns.

My girl talks in bed, makes me laugh and weep in extacy, plays like a puppy.

She's a total and complete Gift to me. I didn't "earn" her. I know I really owe the Universe something serious, for lending her to me.

She has been taken for granted, in the past. I can't understand this. How blind can someone be, not to see she's sacred and rare?

The chances of even meeting a person as huge and magnificent as my girl are very slim. Becoming a friend to such a person is even more unlikely. Being loved by her so intimately and so profoundly is even less possible.

I KNOW how lucky I am!