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Monday, June 21, 2004


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I'm going to be an Amazon in a year!

Yesterday, I used a shovel as a weight. It's a post hole digger, with a very long handle and a light, thin, scoop shaped blade.

I only did five reps of each lift.

But my arms sure burn!

In two weeks of stretching and weight lifting, I can already feel a difference, though.

I can walk faster, with a wider stride. My arms can lift more easily.

My belly's a lot more firm. My breastes are perkier. My back is stronger. My thighs are more firm.

I'm not making this up: I can see the change, in my mirror.

I mean it: in a year, I'm going to look a lot better and feel a HELL of a lot better!

I'm still really glad I bought a thousand asprin, though. ugh.

I've gotten hugs from 2 athletic men in 24 hours. The difference between their bodies and mine is pronounced. I can feel individual muscles in them, just by the touch of my fingers, over their clothing. There's a kenetic energy in their physical gestures that transmits as a low hum when I touch them; their bodies vibrate with energy. They are quite strong. Even the simple gesture of a hug expresses their security and confidence in their own movements.

Now, I don't expect to ever be as strong as either of them, particularly the young one, but I see where I need to head.

Dog barking back later.