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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Shooter Hated Women

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Why is this not classified as a hate crime? Because the victims are women?

From the very bottom of the story:
"My wife was afraid of him," he told the AP. "She was afraid he would do something like he did. She knew the other victims, and they talked about it. They were afraid that he was going to come back and do what he did."
Chibuko said he's angry with school officials for not doing more to protect the students.
"They were all living in fear. My wife told me the guy had been violent toward the school staff and had kicked the walls and stuff like that," he said. "So they knew. They should have had security in place."
Delariman said he noticed that Goh had problems, in particular, dealing with women in his predominantly female nursing classes.
"He can't stand women," Delariman said. "He said he never used to work with women, or deal with women in a work setting or a school setting."