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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Opinion: "I’m Christian, unless you’re gay"

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Today I want to write about something that has bothered me for the better part of a decade. Truth is, I’ve been trying to write it off and on for more than a year now, and the right words have been seemingly impossible to come by.
 Rogi Riverstone I think you allowed a right-wing Queer basher to publish an "opinion" piece in New Mexico Politics in which he completely mischaracterized and slandered Queer people. I think, when I used an inoffensive word to describe his arrogance and ignorance, you made an editorial decision to censor my comment, even though what I said was absolutely not harmful to him, whereas what he said about us could get us: fired, evicted, harassed, beaten, raped and murdered. I think an article, posted by you as editor of NMP, singling out ONE religion over all others & proposing it as an authoritative piece on Queer rights (ignoring scientific literature, other faith systems, social sciences, atheism, etc.) betrays a bias toward Christianity from you, as the editor. I also think we're supposed to have a firewall between church and state in this country, that the firewall has been horribly violated & abused and that we're plummeting into a Dark Ages theocracy that will destroy human progress. I think what one, heterosexual, cis-gendered man (a person of great privilege) thinks of Queer people, especially in the context of xianity, is completely irrelevant to the real needs of Queer people. And I think so-called "moderate" xians are at least as poisonous to social progress as the rabid Queer bashers, because they're trying to put a "kinder, gentler" veneer on the face of a genocidal, megalomaniac, abusive deity that would prefer to see most humans suffer eternal agony than live, right here, right now, in peace. And I certainly think New Mexico is steeped enough in ignorance, superstition, hatred and fear without having that reinforced. That's what I think.