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Monday, January 23, 2012

Proposal to Ms. Magazine blog editor

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First, thanks for your enthusiastic interest in my modest comment on fashion.

I'm not quite ready to propose the following, but, honestly, when is anybody ever thoroughly ready to take a risk?

I am a 55 year old, Gender Queer feminist with neurological challenges. I'm living in abject poverty in rural New Mexico, in substandard conditions, pretty much stranded.

My social life, and access to resources, exist primarily on the interwebs, where I've been very active in writing, blogging, networking, independent radio production and, most recently, YouTubing for over ten years.

I am undergoing a radical transformation to my life. I've fallen in love with a Transsexual woman in Great Britain.

As a result, I've begun a complete and honest inventory of myself, my limitations, my skills, etc. in order to prepare to move to England and pursue a permanent bond with her.

I've begun actively "vlogging" on what I'm learning I don't know about love, communications, gender, sexuality. I'm recording my entire process, so there will be a record and some potential guidance for others who are interested in living authentic lives. As a result, in 3 months, with no active effort on my part, my subscriptions to my YouTube channel have jumped from under 50 to over 200. People are hungry for this information and are very supportive of, and interested in, my processes and discoveries.

Here's my proposal: I think Ms. readers might find this process interesting. Over the months, my very physical presentation will alter, as I become physically stronger.

I would like to continue these stream-of-consciousness "vlogs" on YouTube, but supplement them later with actual, fact-based essays on my discoveries, well researched, with links people can follow for further information. I have a history of writing such articles -- not on subjects of such a personal nature in the past, because of the nature of my employment, but I have the skills to do this.

It will be an honest, but not inappropriate, discussion of sexuality, gender, love, relationship, etc. To give you an example of my process, when I began to pursue this courtship actively, I immediately turned to Adrienne Rich's and Audre Lorde's writings for clarity and guidance.

I anticipate it will take a minimum of two years to become self sufficient, restore my health, stop smoking, sell everything I own and step off a plane in England, with a rented cottage or "flat" waiting on arrival.

I have personal references. I have no degrees nor substantial resume, as I've had to invest most of my intelligence and resourcefulness to simply surviving in poverty. But I am not a flake or a crack pot. This is a serious intention and I thoroughly intend to follow through on this, if it's at all possible. My ex is completely supportive. My intended is fully informed, feeding back appropriately to me, voicing her concerns about such things as visas, etc., and will believe it when she sees me step off the plane.

Might Ms. be interested in weekly progress reports from me?

PS: I haven't edited this; it's all first draft and off-the-cuff, so forgive typos, etc. I felt it was more necessary that I introduce this to you, before I intimidate myself out of sending you any information, rather than polishing this before I sent it.

Thanks for your time,