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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dr. Quartulain Bakhteari - A Journey through Life

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Dr. Quartulain Bakhteari speaks at TEDxKarachi 2011 on her jounrey

27th May 2011 : Making the Impossible Possible

About the Speaker: Dr. Quratulain Bakhteari is a truly inspirational woman. Having spent her early years in refugee camps and carrying the responsibility of three kids at the young age of 21, she turned her hardships into a relentless force to inspire positive change in the society and has devoted her entire life to bettering the community.

Dr. Bakhteari pursued a Masters degree from Karachi University and later did her Doctorate from University of Technology in Loubrough, England. With the help of the Asia Foundation she formed the Institute for Development Studies and Practices(IDSP). This institution was a creation by the ordinary young people who needed a learning space to practice their innovative ideas, and address the insecurities that their system of education and livelihood has created in them.

During the period 1992-1997 she designed and promoted a method of educating girls in Balochistan, called the Community Support Progress (C.S.P) . This method has been a tremendous success and has received the support of UNICEF and the Balochistan Government. The Government of Balochistan has declared the C.S.P as official policy for girls education in Balochistan. Along with UNICEF, Dr. Bakhteari mobilized 5000 families and constructed household pit latrines, a practice which has now become a basic sanitation policy for the low-income population in Pakistan. Due to her affect on lives of millions of Pakistanis and inspiring many more to continue the change process she has been recognized as a Skoll Foundation Social Entrepreneur. As a result of her tremendous effort and dedication she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize on 2006.


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