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Monday, October 24, 2011

One Night Stand - "I'm not sorry."

Uploaded by on Apr 23, 2011

A tremendously powerful, moving (though extremely depressing) scene from a movie I mentioned in my LGBT In Cinema video called One Night Stand. RDJ plays Charlie, a gay man dying of AIDS, and his friend Max (Wesley Snipes) returns to New York to come and help out when it gets really bad. I wanted to put this up because I think it's a fantastic scene and combines several things: a working example of how gay people are usually portrayed in films (ie. diseased, dying, 'cursed' somehow for their societal transgression), but a particularly *strong* performance/portrayal of a character in spite of that unfortunate storytelling choice by writer/director Mike Figgis *and* it also is a wonderfully strong atheist message. Be afraid, sure, but don't lose your courage. And, as well, this movie and Charlie as a character get an honorary mention on a list video I'll be doing soon about movies that do it right when it comes to lgbt characters. That'll be coming soon (maybe this weekend, if I'm feeling not-lazy).




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