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Monday, October 17, 2011

actual woman vs lolicon

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Hey! Ladies! DUH!
My sentiments exactly.
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    • Rogi Equality Riverstone I don't give a rat's patooty what men think is attractive; that's torn the spirit of women for countless generations. I cane about women not hating ourselves, accepting ourselves and loving ourselves. I care about women living healthy, whatever their bodies look like. It's not a "hey, ladies, DUH!" thing. Most of us aren't stupid, you know. But I also know I modify my appearance to ward off PHYSICAL ATTACKS AND HARASSMENT from insecure, frightened men who don't seem to understand that adult women have body hair, that older women have facial hair, that body fat is normal, that physical disabilities are NOT an excuse to hurt me and that the images in magazines are so air brushed and photo shopped, they don't even look like the real women who were photographed. Men wanted prepubescent, hairless, scrawny, flat chested lolicons so badly, and madison avenue pushed the trend. The more women hate ourselves, the more of their garbage we'll buy, trying to feel better. they create, and feed, addiction. now, ask yourselves: why is the ideal of womanhood these days to look like a prepubescent lolicon? what does that say about men?