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Saturday, January 01, 2005

email to a friend

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Hey, Tommy!

Ma & I have been shopping since she got back. I have a new coat and a beautiful bathrobe.

We've torn up several thrift stores and stocked up on chocolate and replacement xmas lights at after Christmas sales.

Ma's going back to work in a couple of days. We've experimented with her makeup, hair and wardrobe to the point where she's feeling pretty confident about showing up at work with her new look.

I'm ready to begin working on independent projects when she goes back.

I've found several women's presses who are interested in "romantic erotica," so I may be publishing some of my stories again soon.

I lost my old website of erotica, so, any copies of stories you may have that I sent you would be appreciated.

Hope all is well with you. Thanks for always remembering me during holidays.

You're a good friend.