Stupid Girls

Monday, December 06, 2004

oh, dear

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Dear Ma,

y'know how people with black hair sometimes have those blue highlights, because of the way light refracts from the hair shafts?

Well, to darken hair, dye manufacturers are careful not to use actual black, for brown shades.

Most hair has a reddish cast to it, particularly dark brown hair.

Black would look very unnatural.

To counteract the reddishness in dark hair colors, manufacturers use purple in dyes.

It's a dusty, dark, plum purple.

Well, I forgot about that, when I decided to leave the dye in, almost twice as long as recommended on the package.

I have purple hair.

It isn't a really obvious purple, mind you. I have to be standing right under a pretty strong light. And people have to be really paying attention to see it.

But I definately have purple hair.

Now, last night, I wore the purple and black Pakinstani dress. And I was in the KiMo Theater, with subdued lighting.

So, my hair didn't really show very much, and blended into my clothing.

But my hair really is purple.

It'll calm down, after a few shampoos and a couple of weeks.

But, right now?

My hair is purple.