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Tuesday, April 27, 2004


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I guess I should give up and go to sleep.

My body's in so much distress.

I can't wait 'tl this menstrual stuff is over, either!

Before I moved here from the War Zone last March, my neighbor moved out and left me all her junk. She sold stuff at the flea market, and had close to a case of sanitary pads. Well, I finally ran out last month. I was SO hoping I'd go through menopause before I needed more! Damn! I estimate I've spent nearly a thousand dollars, over my life time, on that crap!

Well, I've found two things in the trash which might be useful. I was going to use them for art projects, to prevent spills. One is a package of sick people bed diapers: you put them under the sick person, to protect the bed from leaks. The other is a package of dog diapers: you put them on the floor, so the dog can know...without messing up the floor.

I took one of the dog diapers and cut it into eight strips. It's got a thin layer of cotton like stuff, covered with that fabric that directs liquids in, but won't let them back out. The whole thin's lined with plastic, to protect surfaces.

Now, it's not perfect, but it's functional. For one thing, a 1/8 strip of that stuff is wider than a pad, so protects underwear better.

I managed to wrestle weeds, branches, laundry and lots of other stooping, squatting, reaching, sitting, standing stuff without any accidents. It stays in place farely well, even without adhesive.

Actually, I've had fewer accidents with these than with conventional sanitary products. They need to be changed more frequently, as they're less absorbant. But that's ok.

So, it looks like I can limp along for several, more months, without buying any crap.

I haven't worn this contraption in public, except for 2 walks to the convenience store. No problems.

My body's in full rebellion; it's a heavy, painful menses. I haven' had one of those in several years. Let's just say Mugwart better not try dancing on my belly tonight, or I might explode. ugh.

I think the stress of the past, two weeks didn't help. My body's pretty sensitive to serious overwork anymore.

I had a miscarriage at work one year. I was forced to continue working, even though I called the boss and BEGGED to come home. I wouldn't tell him I'd gone through a two month supply of sanitary product in one afternoon.

Ever since then, my body doesn't tolerate too much abuse when it's getting ready for my cycle.

And my cycle has never been normal, since my daughter died. I still feel the missing fallopian tube, when it's that side's turn to ovulate. It's really painful and a constant reminder of what happened to my daughter.

I think it was cruel of them to remove my fallopian tube; I believe they did it for their convenience, not my health. It was easier to extract the pregnancy by removing the entire tube, rather than laproscoping the interior and scraping the pregnancy.

They've left me gimpy on that side.

I want it to be over for this month, at least!

I'm not a coward; I've worked hard during my cycles my whole life, with only an occasional asprin. I'm not one of those PMS Pussies Making Symptoms types.

Women who whine they can't cope with their cycles....except for some extreme exceptions...make all of us look bad. Pain happens; shut up and get back to work, already.

If you feel like killing your husband before your period, you need a DIVORCE, not a prescription!