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Monday, April 26, 2004

March for Women's Lives

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TODAY'S SHOW: Monday, April 26
* March For Women's Lives: Up to a Million Descend on DC in One of the Largest Protests in U.S. History *
Up to one million protesters descended on Washington DC Sunday to show support for reproductive rights and opposition to Bush administration policies on women's health issues in what could be the biggest demonstration in U.S. history. We hear speeches from celebrities and activists addressing the crowd.

* Howard Dean on Women's Rights, Elections, Iraq and Israel's Assassination Policy *
Former Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean, speaks with Democracy Now! before addressing the crowd at the March For Women's Lives in Washington DC. He says the U.S. should hand over control of Iraq to the United Nations, discusses the presidential election and says he supports Israel's assassination of Hamas leaders.

* Headlines for April 26, 2004 *
- Suicide Boat Bombers Attack Iraq Oil Terminals
- Chalabi May Be Ousted From Power
- Saudis Secretly Helped US Iraq Invasion
- Poll Shows U.S. Public Uninformed of Iraq Issues
- Report: 1.6M Ballots Not Registered in 2000 Election
- U.S. Attempts to Gag FBI Translator Sibel Edmonds